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For lovers of Wallowa County and its “makers”

Whether you have visited Wallowa County or are lucky enough to live here, you know how special it is! The sun shining on Chief Joseph Mountain, the fresh air careening down Alder Slope, the wildflowers on Tick Hill and the East Moraine, the cattle and horses grazing in pastures beside stunning, historic red barns. Maybe you hiked into the Eagle Cap; maybe you spent the afternoon sipping a hot beverage (or a cold one!) at a café or pub; maybe you learned about the county’s original inhabitants at the Nez Perce Homeland interpretive center or Tamkaliks parade ground.

While you were here, you inevitably came across local artisans, craftspeople, musicians, or other “makers” who were selling their wares at the farmers’ market or a shop in town, or performing at a festival, restaurant, or bar. Maybe you struck up a conversation, got their business card but then misplaced it, or walked by meaning to double back but never got a chance to. Or you met them, had a great chat, and now want to share that unique experience with friends and family.

We hope you return sometime for a visit! Until then, check out the GWC website and celebrate the creativity of Wallowa County artisans and producers.

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