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Subscription boxes are a fun, recurring surprise for a loved one or a great little pick-me-up for yourself! Each is filled with Wallowa County treasures of every description—from sweets to music to body care products to swag from local businesses. These carefully curated collections of 3 to 5 items are unique from one month to the next.

Welcome Box

Part of the fun of the subscription box is you don’t know what’s coming your way! Below is the first box that everyone receives, regardless of when they subscribe—the Welcome Box. This box is jam-packed with iconic Wallowa County treasures: an Arrowhead Chocolates 4-pack, sample of Wild Carrot Herbal’s luscious Wild Rose Eye Cream, Sally B. Farms goat milk soap, Terminal Gravity coasters, and our beloved The Bookloft’s favorite coffee blend (whole beans). 

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How Subscriptions Work

Subscriptions boxes ship on the 1st of each month (not including weekends or holidays). Every subscriber receives the same first box (the “Welcome Box,” pictured above), and then folds into the subscriber schedule.

If you subscribe by the 5th of the month, GWC will ship your welcome box right away, and you will also receive the following month's box depending on your subscription:

  • Monthly subscription ships after subscription renewal.
  • 3- or 6-month subscription ships on the 1st.

If you subscribe after the 5th, your Welcome box, and all subsequent boxes, ship the 1st of the following month. 

The contents of upcoming boxes may be revealed on Facebook and Instagram, but will not be announced ahead of time on the website.

Past boxes:

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Each box is lovingly packaged in our signature striped tissue paper and sealed, so the recipient (whether it's you or a pal) knows they are opening something special! Eco-friendly Geami Greenwrap is used for all fragile items. Each box includes a "Maker" sheet showcasing the people who made your treasures.

The longer a subscription you purchase, the better the value. You may cancel your renewal at any time; refunds are not given (with the exceptions listed in the Return Policy). GWC offers free shipping on purchases exceeding $100. Quantities are limited, so don’t wait—reserve your subscription today!

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