Chief Joseph Mt. Build-a-Box
Chief Joseph Mt. Build-a-Box
Chief Joseph Mt. Build-a-Box
Chief Joseph Mt. Build-a-Box
Chief Joseph Mt. Build-a-Box

Chief Joseph Mt. Build-a-Box

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A fun assortment of handmade items from Wallowa County.

This box gives you 12 options! Under each selection, choose one item in each drop-down menu.

Your items will be gathered into a gift box, each of which is lovingly packaged in our signature striped tissue paper and sealed, so the recipient (whether it's you or a pal) knows they are opening something special! Take advantage of our free gift enclosure. Eco-friendly Geami Greenwrap is used for all fragile items. Each box includes an insert showcasing the people who made your treasures.

Photos show the options in each Selection as a group. You can learn more about the individual items on gift box pages, and about the makers on the About GWC Makers page.

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Selection A (pick 1)

  1. Happy Earth Wool Co.: 100% wool dryer balls (set of 3; color may vary)
  2. Sacred Salve Co. LLC: Cottonwood Salve tin (2 oz.)
  3. Stein Distillery, Inc.: Rocks glasses (set of 2)
  4. Annie's Southfork Silverworks: Sterling silver wren earrings with chrysoprase drops

Selection B (pick 1)

  1. Boyd Blacksmithing: Coat hook (4.5" tall; set of 2)
  2. Joysticks (Todd Kruger): Peace wreath (10" diameter)
  3. Kestrel Arts: Morel mushroom stature (approx. 4" tall; design may vary)
  4. Leigh Dawson: Hobby horse head with stick-mounting instructions (fabric varies)

Selection C (pick 1)

  1. Moonshine Glass Art: Pint glass
  2. Life & Other Doodles: Short wooden to-go cup
  3. McBee Unlimited: I <3 Oregon pillow (16" x 12"; upcycled fabric varies)
  4. Arrowhead Chocolate: 6 truffles in wooden box (made of local, reclaimed wood by Jerry Crandall)