About GWC Makers

Genuine Wallowa County is proud to carry products from Wallowa County's artists, musicians, manufacturers, and other "makers!" Each box we send is carefully packed with a sheet of descriptions of the people who made the items. Here is a comprehensive list with current contributors to Genuine Wallowa County subscription and gift boxes--and we will regularly add new ones!

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ralph anderson, geezer craft, whittled wood

Ralph Anderson is a self-proclaimed “Geezer”—retired U.S. Forest Service—who carves utensils and other interesting objects from quaking aspen and other wood, while shaded up at the Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland site (Tamkaliks), often in the dance arbor. The wood is sustainably harvested from stand-thinning (allowing the growth of bigger trees); the bark is used for dyeing wool and the poles for whittlings. Ralph's work can be found in The Backpacker, Tea Time, and Lovely Lower Valley gift boxes.

arrowhead chocolate, joseph oregon Arrowhead Chocolates started as a family business and recently transferred ownership to Jerry and Tracy Ivy and their daughter and son-in law, Sylvanna and Chad Dotson. The Arrowhead team makes chocolates in small batches, by hand, with an emphasis on the highest quality ingredients, beautiful presentation, and ethical sourcing and sustainability. 
AC's work can be found in I Love You; I Mean, I Really Love You; Li'l Cowpoke; Jazzy Joseph; Tea Time; and The Saturday gift boxes, and the Welcome subscription box


kristy athens, ithaka ephemera, ithaka literary

Kristy Athens is the owner of Genuine Wallowa County, but any time she has a spare moment she is making a weird, irreverent collage artwork of some sort under the moniker ithaka literary ephemera—many are available at The Book Loft! For GWC, she hand-builds envelopes from outdated calendars produced by the WC Photo Club. Kristy's work can be found in the Love From Eastern Oregon gift box. 


jody berry, wild carrot herbals, wild carrot lotion, wild carrot enterprise

Wild Carrot Herbals’ Jody Berry, a fifth generation Oregonian, first came to Wallowa County in 1985 as a river guide. The beauty and abundance of wild plants have inspired many of her botanical skin care products that are all made from scratch in Enterprise. If not at the shop, she might be out on the prairie with her daughter, gazing at the clouds with a flower in her hair and joy in her heart. WCH's work can be found in Feather Your Nest; I Mean, I Really Love You; Self-Care Collection; The Backpacker, and Yes, We Can! gift boxes, and the Welcome subscription box. Photo: Talia Jean Galvin


mariah blackhorse, lost prairie designs, sheep shed joseph

Mariah Blackhorse is the creator of Lost Prairie Designs: Inspired by the endless variety of colors and patterns in earth elements, as well as the connection she feels when working with natural materials such as feathers and bone, she combines this natural beauty into unique items that are also grounding and healing on many levels. Mariah's work can be found in the Lovely Lower Valley and Yes, We Can! gift boxes.


andy boyd enterprise oregon, andy boyd blacksmith, high school blacksmith, young blacksmith, apprentice blacksmith

A&K Forge is a local business started by high school students Andy Boyd and a friend in 2018. While apprenticing with local outfits Rusty Hammer Forge and Ugly Pug Forge, they have struck out on their own and can make knives, decorative coat hooks, small key ring leaves, and “anything you can think of.” Andy's work can be found in the Housewarming gift box.



david brunkow, brunkow photography, brunkow photographerDavid Brunkow began his photography business in 1980, and has photographed blushing brides to the highest-level sports to corporate events for some of the largest companies in the world. These days, David is devoting more time to the art of photography. From capturing the initial image to producing fine art prints and ceramic art, he has maintained a hands-on approach. David's work can be found in the A Nice View and Love From Eastern Oregon gift boxes.


bart budwig, budwig music, budwig moskowOf Bart Budwig, Sean Jewell (American Standard Time) says: “Sometimes when Bart sings, I forget what we’re talking about. I’m sure he knows though. I trust him. He sounds like John Prine, plays like Hoyt Axton, and looks like well … Bart Budwig. He’s a cosmic country lawn gnome. He’s cherubic, cheery, and an old soul. Songs spring from the dreams of his noonday naps, and punch the keys of his typewriter above the OK Theater in Enterprise, Oregon. When words won’t take, he calls 'em in with a bugle of his trumpet, or a strum of soothing guitar.” Bart's work can be found in The Saturday gift box. Photo: John Rominger   

janis carper, second chance productions, jezebels mother

Janis Carper is an artist and music-maker who has enjoyed living and creating in Wallowa County since 2001. She loves roaming in the woods and poking around piles of old junk, drawing much inspiration for her art from the natural world.  


whitney chandler, free range boutique

Whitney Chandler is a Wallowa County transplant who started her journey westward in Boulder, Colorado. Sustainability is at the forefront of her artistic process. Her business, Free Range Boutique, uses feathers harvested from wild game birds paired with foraged and found objects to create jewelry, hair pieces, and wall hangings. Whitney's work can be found in the Feather Your Nest gift box. 


michele chapin, macalou pottery, macalou joseph oregon

Originally from Massachusetts, Michele Chapin has lived in Wallowa County for three decades. The name “Macalou” is the surname that was given to her while she served in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa. She decided to use this name for her pottery business, Macalou Pottery, to remember her experience and honor her host family. Michele's work can be found in the Tea Time, Housewarming, and Homestead gift boxes.


leigh dawson, hobby horse, stick horse

Leigh Dawson came to Wallowa County in 1978 as a Forest Service employee, and never left. She made each of her children a stick horse, which they rode everywhere and still cherish. Now a grandmother, Leigh wants to bring back toys that encourage imagination and creative play. Leigh's work can be found in the Li'l Cowpoke gift box.


erin de long, life other doodles, wood burning

Erin De Long grew up in Eastern Oregon on her grandparents’ farm. After moving away from the area and living all over the United States, she moved to Enterprise in 2017. Life & Other Doodles was born in 2018 and has become a new way for Erin to express how she sees the world and what inspires her. In many of her pieces you see scenes inspired by Wallowa County. Erin's work can be found in the Tea Time; Yes, We Can; Everything But the Beer; and Love From Eastern Oregon gift boxes. 


joan gilbert, joan madsen, j creative, round up book

Joan Gilbert grew up in Eastern Oregon and has worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for more than 20 years. She writes and illustrates children books, dabbles in fine art, and is art director for Wallowology Discovery Center in Joseph. Joan's work can be found in Li'l Cowpoke gift box. 


judy goodman, bgood bar, yor bar, joseph oregon snack bar

Judy Goodman moved to Wallowa County in 2009 after a career as a fisheries research biologist, yurt-builder, and science illustrator. She learned the art of chocolate at Arrowhead Chocolates, and in 2014 launched BGood Bars. These energy bars are made by hand in small batches using mostly organic ingredients. BGood Bars is a member of the Good Food Merchants Guild, and in January 2019 received a Good Food Award for the Cranberry Hemp bar. Judy's work can be found in The Backpacker and Clean Livin' gift boxes. 


janet hohmann, jan hohmann, jan hohmann wallowa,

Janet Hohmann says she has always liked to make things! She got interested in wool a few years ago, and enjoys using the animals around her as inspiration for her creations. Janet's work can be found in The Backpacker; Woodland Creatures; Yes, We Can; and Lovely Lower Valley gift boxes.



kathy hunter, nature tales, kathy hunter wallowa

All of Kathy Hunter’s stories have been pretested by Wallowa County kids, many of whom know her from the years of Fishtrap Storytime on local radio station KWVR. A 14-year old artist designed her CD covers, and Wallowa kids feature as animal characters. Locals Janis Carper, Henry Kinsley, and Robert Webb mastered the sound for these truly Wallowa County products. Kathy's work can be found in the Lovely Lower Valley gift box. 


jezebels mother, janis carper, carolyn lochert, wallowa county music

The pairing of songwriters Carolyn Lochert and Janis Carper results in a bluesy-rootsy-lively-lovely sound called Jezebel’s Mother. Soaring harmonies and solid original tunes cross genres of Americana, folk, country-rock, and blues. JM's work can be found in the Yes, We Can and Sounds of Wallowa County gift boxes. 


seth kinzie, when I was tree, brothers retreat, kinzie joseph oregon

The original student of Shawn Kirchner—the composer-in-residence for the Los Angeles Master Chorale—Seth Kinzie is a contemporary piano composer hailing from the snowy mountains of Eastern Oregon. Inspired by the surreal impressions of Claude Debussy and the wild, jazzish voicings of modern post-rock, Seth has developed his own style of instrumental tone poems that he calls “euphoric nature music.” Seth's work can be found in the Jazzy Joseph and Housewarming gift boxes.  


kiyomi koike, sei mee tea, japanese tea, green tea matcha

Kiyomi Koike started Sei Mee Tea as a family business in 2004 (it’s pronounced “say-me-tea” and means “pure beauty” in Japanese). Her passionate journey started when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. She began experimenting with green tea, and was thrilled when he was declared “cancer-free” five years later. Sei Mee Tea’s all-woman staff takes pride and joy in helping their customers achieve their health goals holistically. Kiyomi's work can be found in the Tea Time, Clean Livin', and Self-Care Collection gift boxes.  


todd kruger, kruger winding waters, kruger joysticks

Todd Kruger has been river-guiding with Winding Waters since 2005. His background includes working with troubled youth and as a master craftsman. He runs Twig, which produces functional items from recycled materials. Todd's work can be found in the Housewarming and Everything But the Beer gift boxes. 


kathy leo, mike leo, khaos coffee, red horse coffee joseph, red horse joseph oregon

Khaos Coffee has been a small, family run, coffee-roasting business for twenty years, and offers their coffee at Red Horse Coffee Traders in Joseph. Owners Kathy and Mike Leo are committed to supporting small, fair-trade, organic, and humanitarian-minded cooperatives across the globe. Mike and their daughter, Caitlin, are the roast-masters, and son Garrett is the marketing executive. KC's work can be found in The Saturday, Housewarming, and Jazzy Joseph gift boxes.  


carolyn lochert, she's looking back, lochert jazz, lochert lostine 

Carolyn Lochert's musical path has taken her from roots in a small North Dakota town, growing up in a large musical family, through Flagstaff, Portland, and Tucson—landing her in Corvallis, where she studied jazz composition. Carolyn now lives in Lostine, and forms half of the band Jezebel’s Mother. Carolyn's work can be found in the Yes, We Can; Lovely Lower Valley; Self-Care Collection; and Sounds of Wallowa County gift boxes. 


beth mcbee, mcbee unlimited, feather pillow, decorative pillow, oregon pillow

Beth McBee is the owner and creator of McBee Unlimited. Her motto is “Re-imagine, recycle, repurpose,” which is why all her fabrics come from thrift stores and yard sales. Her background in design, studio work, and world travel informs her approach and color combinations. She finds Wallowa County a great place to grow a business—a supportive community that has helped her be successful. Beth's work can be found in the Feather Your Nest and Love From Eastern Oregon gift boxes.



wendy mccullough, sally b farms, goat milk soap joseph

Sally B. Farms is a small farm nestled into the base of Chief Joseph Mountain. Wendy McCullough raises around 30 goats and makes soap using her own recipes. Each bar of handmade soap contains at least 25 percent goats' milk, skin-loving oils, and often wild-harvested herbs. Each bar cures for 4 to 8 weeks, and then is hand-cut and beveled, making it smooth and long-lasting. Wendy's work can be found in the Self-Care Collection; Li'l Cowpoke; Clean Livin'; and Yes, We Can! gift boxes, and the Welcome subscription box


mike midlo, midlo music, pancake breakfast, midlo timberbind

Mike Midlo’s a renaissance man.”
—OPB Music, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Mike is a song scribbler from Wallowa County. Although most MidLo concerts take place on front porches, for dogs, and around campfires, the songwriter does venture out here and there to sing in front of people. Mike's work can be found in the Sounds of Wallowa County gift box. Photo: Kendrick Moholt


kim morris, kim morris wallowa, kimberly morris textiles

Kimberly Morris’s pieces are crafted with the belief that all things functional should be beautiful, easy to care for, and last for a very long time. She lives in Wallowa. Kimberly Morris Textiles can be found in the Homestead gift box.


heidi muller, bob webb, muller west virginia, muller dulcimer, webb west virginia, muller folk music

Heidi Muller and Bob Webb had been visiting Wallowa County since 2003, and finally moved here in 2012. Heidi writes story songs and songs of place with imagery drawn from this land and its self-reliant people. They perform across the Northwest, teach and record music in their own studio near Joseph, and produce the annual adult music camp, Dulcimer Week in the Wallowas. Heidi and Bob's work can be found in the Sounds of Wallowa County gift box. 


val nesemann, go figure, nesemann articulate

Val Nesemann began teaching art classes for students from kindergarten through 12th grade in the Wallowa School District in 1984, and worked with them for 20 years. The first versions of her articulated, re-positionable figures were made by elementary students from discarded file folders and brass fasteners. Each uniquely decorated “Go Figure” is now made of magnetic sheeting, which allows anyone to play on the fridge or file cabinet. Val's work can be found in the Yes, We Can and Lovely Lower Valley gift boxes.


lynne nielsen price, lynne price, sacred salve, ancient healing salve

Lynne Nielsen Price started Sacred Salve Company in 2009, but she has been making her Ancient Tree-sap Salve using a family recipe, which lore credits to North American Indians and Lynne’s French Canadian ancestors, for decades. Three of the salve’s five ingredients come from Wallowa County, as do the cottonwood buds that become her Cottonwood Salve. Lynne's work can be found in the Self-Care Collection and Clean Livin' gift boxes. 


kolle kahle riggs, kolle riggs, kolle riggs lostine, jim riggs

Kolle Kahle Riggs moved back to Wallowa County in 2018 to carry on her family tradition of making neat things out of rocks and sticks. She also attempts to intercept that sublime light that seems to be just perfect in Lostine. Also, she likes birds and mushrooms, and plants; mostly huckleberries. Kestrel Arts work can be found in the Feather Your Nest, Woodland Creatures, Lovely Lower Valley, and A Nice View gift boxes. 


stein distillery, stein joseph oregon, stein whiskey

Born in 2009 in Joseph, Stein Distillery is a family-run operation that maintains attention to detail from grain growth to harvest, and through fermenting, distilling, barreling, aging, filtering, and bottling. Every step is done by hand, producing the highest quality rye vodka, bourbon, rye whiskey, wheat whiskey, corn whiskey, barrel-aged rum and fruit cordials. From our grain to your glass! SD's work can be found in the In Your Cups gift box. 


terminal gravity, tg enterprise, tg wallowa county, terminal gravity beer, tg beer

Located in Enterprise, Terminal Gravity embodies the spirit of the Wallowa Mountains. They brewed their first IPA in 1997, and they’ve kept brewing great beer at the forefront of their business ever since. Eating at the pub, under the aspen grove next to the creek, is a bit of a right of passage for anyone who visits Wallowa County. TG's work can be found in the Everything But the Beer gift box and the Welcome subscription box


the bookloft, book loft enterprise, bookloft enterprise, bookloft wallowa, mary swanson

The Bookloft has been serving delicious coffee for more than 40 years. About 20 years ago, they decided to create their own special blend of coffee beans. They had a special tasting event to sample various combinations, and the winner is now known as the “Booklover’s Blend.” It’s a hearty medium blend, perfect for pairing with your favorite book or good discussions at your book club. TB's work can be found in the Welcome subscription box


stirling webb, blown glass, glass art, moonshine glass

Stirling Webb is a glass artist who lives in Joseph. He opened a glass-blowing studio and gallery in Enterprise called Moonshine Glass Art in February 2019. He and his team of artists offer one-of-a-kind glass-blowing classes and demonstrations. Stirling takes pride in making glass art that he can showcase in his gallery, and hopes to blow and teach glass in Wallowa County for the rest of his days. Stirling's work can be found in the In Your Cups; Everything But the Beer; I Love You; and I Mean, I Really Love You gift boxes.